Beyond Labels (NW Counselling Centre)

Counselling Training and Counselling Supervision

Welcome to counselling training and supervision at Beyond labels. I have been a teacher, trainer and consultant for many years and have found the learning journey just as exciting now as in the early stages.

Counselling & Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body

We want to play a part in making your learning journey exciting, fun and informative. To do that we:

  • Ensure professional and well informed tutors
  • Programmes that are up to date, relevant and seated within professional learning outcomes
  • Well - structured skills practice to implement theory
  • Personal support and guidance


Beyond Labels currently offer the following 2 courses:


Level 2 Counselling Skills Course (CSK-L2) see link above.

If you want to become a counsellor, the level 2 certificate in Counselling Skills forms the foundation of professional counselling practice, as well as providing the essential listening and communication skills used by helping professionals.

Those who want to improve their professional and personal relationships will also find this course suitable. This is the first compulsory qualification on the route to becoming a qualified counsellor.

There are no entry requirements but there will be an interview to assess suitability.

Delivery & Fees

Please contact me for details regarding fees and course dates as these are subject to change.

Delivered at Halton Mill Halton, Lancaster

Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Studies (CST- L3)

This course provides learning experiences which will enable you to develop and practice counselling skills. It will greatly increase your knowledge and understanding of counselling theories and how they inform and underpin counselling skills/practice. It is specifically designed for those who want to progress their training to become a counsellor. This level will not qualify you to be a counsellor, but will prepare you to progress to Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling, which will. You should have previously undertaken the CPCAB Counselling Skills Level 2 Certificate (CSK-L2) or equivalent.

Level 3 Introduction to Cognitive Behaviour Theory and Practice

This is a 10 week 30 hour programme which will introduce students to Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) as a therapeutic approach. This course is suited to anyone who wants to learn more about CBT; integrate CBT techniques into their professional role, or requires basic knowledge and skills to access higher level courses.

There are no entry requirements but there will be an interview to assess suitability.

The course will be delivered at both Manchester Counselling Training Centre (MCTC) and Halton Mill.

Please Contact me for details of fees, how to apply and further course dates.

Beyond Labels is a CPCAB Approved Centre

Training Group

Halton Mill

Counselling supervision

Counselling supervision is a requirement for both students and qualified counsellors and I work with both groups. Whether a student or qualified practitioner of many years, counselling is exacting. I provide a secure and welcoming environment where together we can develop the trusting relationship necessary to support your personal and professional needs. As with counselling clients, I offer a free introductory session for you to decide if I am the right supervisor for you.


Olivia has been my supervisor throughout my level 4 diploma. Together we work on my counselling skills, my self awareness, and my professional development as a counsellor.

A supervisor is a personal choice, but I personally have benefited a lot from working with Olivia. She is dedicated, organised and generous with her time. She also has a firm grasp of the essence of counselling, which helps guide me as I develop.

She also has a great leather chair ;-)

Always available.

Warm & welcoming. Tremendous help with my self belief issues when I first started.

The sort of challenge I need and welcome as a qualified practitioner.

Contact me for information or to book a free introductory session.